2019 First Quarter Report

In order to provide an education to E.C.S. children befitting a modern nation that Cambodia is fast becoming we are upgrading teacher training in Maths and English. Also we are hard at work Ensuring E.C.S. students have good command of both Khmer and English languages we are instilling programs and initiatives that we hope, as a measurable yardstick, at the end of their schooling at Grade 9 every student is capable of reading Khmer-English bible interchangeably. Continue Reading

2017 June Mid Year Report

Tim & Teresa: We both experienced some health issues lately, in particular, the colon surgery that Teresa underwent which was unexpected but very necessary and timely (left unattended, the failing section of her colon might rupture causing unwanted complication). God is most compassionate and faithful – they are new every morning (Lam 3:22). Continue Reading