2019 First Quarter Report

Dear Friends & Partners,

Greetings and blessings through the One called Wonderful, Counsellor, Prince of Peace and Everlasting Father – our Lord Jesus Christ.

Much to report since our last newsletter and we like to share some highlights beginning with the mission team from Perth’s Zion Praise Harvest church, led by senior pastors, Patrick & Joyce Chen. They brought much Christmas and New Year cheers to Emmanuel Community School (E.C.S.) children. This much anticipated annual event have all that every kid hopes for at Christmas – Carols and hymns, Christmas skit, dance and fashion shows, Christmas message, gifts and some refreshment to finish. Dr Chong and Goldie, known for their pioneering church works in Malaysia and Perth, came with the team. They later gave a very well received talk on building strong relationship and marriage to all our teachers.


To encourage the students to eat healthy and hygienic yet affordable food a school canteen had been added.

It is fast becoming the choice place not only for a tea or meal break but also to meet up.


Gloria, our 8-year-old granddaughter (now 9-year-old), motivated by what she read of the courage of Malala Yousufzai to pursue education in Pakistan despite community objection to girls receiving formal education, managed to bring the attention of her school in Wellington to assist the children at Emmanuel 

school. Through her effort some funds were raised to purchase the books and the furniture for the school library.


Before this walkway was built teachers and staff would have to walk through the uncovered passage way which is prone to flooding during the raining season.

With the public road running narrowly alongside the school boundary it was a miracle that there was no major road accident involving our students.

With the safety provided by the new steel fencing and the shelter from the rain and sun, teachers and students now enjoy commuting between the two buildings.

It has also helped to bring the teachers and students in the separate buildings much closer together.


Shuffling between the old training room, staff-room and the main school library we were able to create a roomy staff-room accommodating all the full-time teachers for the first time. Communication has improved and the staff spirit is higher than ever before. The adjacent training room serves its purpose well.

Emmanuel School Dec 2017 2018
Student number: 452 472
Grades: K1 – G9 Heading-2 Heading-3
Staff Full-Time 20 21
Staff Part-time 12 10


• In order to provide an education to E.C.S. children befitting a modern nation that Cambodia is fast becoming we are upgrading teacher training in Maths and English.

• Ensuring E.C.S. students have good command of both Khmer and English languages we are instilling programs and initiatives that we hope, as a measurable yardstick, at the end of their schooling at Grade 9 every student is capable of reading Khmer-English bible interchangeably. All new teachers recruited will be bilingual. More English will be used by instructors in non-core subjects like music and arts. We welcome English-speaking visitors to E.C.S. to engage the staff and students for the same reason by speaking in their native English, albeit, Australian, Singlish or others.

• Commencing a St John Brigade uniform group at E.C.S. Thanks to Dr Chong our school principal is currently working with the St John’s chief in the city on implementation of this program.


• There is a strategic corner of the primary school building with an area about 90 m2 which was allocated for the school expansion by the provincial government a year ago, however, the availability is subjected to the current occupant finding an alternate place to operate. Please pray with us for a favourable outcome as classroom space will run out in the new academic year as more of our primary school students moved on to the secondary school levels.

• We felt called to reach out more into the community by providing some community services beyond educating their children. We welcome your inputs. With the help of St John some local and visiting medical professionals can provide occasional free medical services to the community. Distribution of free food staples to the needy, computer and language training for adult and encouraging our students to carry out environment clean-up are just some of the thoughts we hope we may able to put into action.

Finally, we were blessed to have Jonathan and Kristy, our  son and daughter-in-law, to join us on this trip.

They gave an encouraging and timely talk to the secondary school students on boy-girl relationship and related matters.

Gloria too shared her school and life experience with primary school students. She and Jesse, her little brother, were well loved by the students that we received many requests for their return visit.


• God is very jealous and protective of children (Matt 18:6,10 ESV; Mk 10:14-16 ESV; Jn 21:15 ESV) for their child-like faith is what He desires (Lk 18:16 ESV f). We believe the children at E.C.S. had touched this very divine attribute.

• God is no one’s debtor (Hag 2:8 ESV; Mal 3:10 ESV).

• God will use others if we do not avail ourselves.

Pray God will open our eyes to see His blessings and serve Him with joy and enthusiasm (Dt 28:47 ESV, 2Ki 4:37 ESV).

In Christ’s Agape-love,

Ps Teresa & Tim

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